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Trade Farm NI THERMIC ICE MELT in 1KG tubs of snow and ice melt to 24KG buskets of snow and ice melter, with Gritting Salt Also, is now AVAILABLE to BUY ONLINE at our NEW WEBSITE


For bulk orders of our Super Thermic Ice Melt please phone or email us via our contact details.



THERMIC-ICE-MELT-TUB THERMIC-ice-melt-label-back

Trade Farm NI THERMIC ICE MELT, a child safe and pet safe magic ice melter, is now AVAILABLE to BUY ONLINE at our NEW WEBSITE


NON CORROSIVE ICE MELT - This Urea based snow and Ice Melt is non caustic, non toxic, non salt, it causes no damage indoors or outdoors, it leaves no residue and no mess. Using it is safe and easy, no fuss. Thermic Ice Melt is non-toxic to humans and animals and is fully biodegradable.

PET, CHILD and PLANT SAFE - Perfectly safe Snow Melter for areas used by kids and pets. Even if they carry it indoors it is safe for carpets, floors and furniture and causes no damage. The Ice Melt is safe on grass, metal, wood and concrete. So it is ideal for use on steps or stairs, playgrounds, sports pitches, and car parks.

EASY TO USE - It is safe and easy to apply the ice melter, its form is small pellets, so just lightly spread by hand over the snow or ice and then just watch it melt and disappear. Thermic Ice Melt should cover approximately 50 square metres per 1 KG based on 2mm ice. Thicker Ice may require more coverage. You can even apply it to paths overnight to PREVENT ICE forming. Works best if heavy snow covering is cleared first, then apply Thermic Ice Melt to the ice.

PROTECT CUSTOMERS, FAMILY and FRIENDS - Thermic Ice Melt is great for both homes and businesses. You can avoid slippery paths, driveways and doorways, and avoid common injuries in the winter season to customers, family and visitors. Keep your business running, or keep your home safe with this magic ice melter.

INDUSTRIAL POWER and NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS - This fast acting snow and ice melt gives up to 10 times more coverage than rock salt. Can work its magic ice melting down to -11C. It is the industrial choice for snow and ice clearing due to ability to prevent ice forming, and because it is fast acting at melting ice, and being very safe and easy to use.

Thermic Snow and Ice Melt is quick, easy, and safe to use. Simply sprinkle on the affected snow and ice area, and watch as that snow and ice quickly melt. It is non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-salt, non-toxic, has no harmful chemicals, but still has industrial snow melting powers, and is totally safe for pets and children. Unlike many other snow & ice melt products, this Thermic Ice Melt can be used on icy areas with plant life nearby, as 90% of industrial Urea is actually used as a nitrogen-release fertiliser. However, heavy over-application or constant use to the same plant life, can cause leaf burn and damage.

Unlike Rock Salt, Grit and Sodium Chloride based ice melt products this snow melt causes no corrosion and is safe to use on concrete, paths, steps, metal, wood and many other surfaces. Thermic Ice melt is pet safe, safe for kids, and totally safe for them to tramp indoors as it leaves behind no residue and no mess, and therefore no problems for your carpets, tiles, and wooden floors.

Protect your home, or your business, protect your family, friends, and customers by using Thermic Ice Melt to clear away snow and ice. Even better, you can apply Urea Thermic Ice Melt to paths, driveways and other surfaces at night to prevent the formation of ice, keeping your drives and paths safe and free of ice in the mornings.

Urea has been traditionally used by airports to melt ice and snow safely where corrosive and unsafe chloride or rock salt based solutions are inappropriate. So this Formula Thermic Ice Melt is the safest and quickest way for you to melt snow and ice, with no effort, fuss, nor damage. Get ready for winter and the icy weather and blizzards with our Thermic Ice Melt, be prepared to prevent ice forming, and be prepared to melt that sudden snowfall.

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